Seedlings - Looking to connect with a loving, supportive community? Seedlings is the small group ministry of ROCUMC - it is where we Live, Love and Serve as the body of Christ.  We currently have five small groups of 8-12 people meeting weekly in private homes for the following purposes:

Build Relationships - Seedlings serve as the primary way to become connected at Royal Oak Community Church.  The relationships formed within our small groups will provide the encouragement, support and mutual accountability necessary for living out your faith and following the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Discipleship - A disciple is "a follower or student of a teacher" (Oxford Dictionary). To be a student of Jesus Christ - we need to know and practice what He taught.  Each Seedlings group spends time studying the way of Jesus using the Bible and various Christian materials and resources.

Do Good - Our ministries and outreach will flow out of our small groups. Each group will work to discover what God is calling them to do by identifying their gifts and passion and then put their learnings into practice.

Multiply - This is an intentional component of our small group ministry.  Our purpose is not to develop inward focused groups or cliques - but to be constantly welcoming new people, growing, dividing into multiple groups and contributing to the health of the church and surrounding community.

If you would like more information and would like to plug into a group - contact